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Snopro Ice Shacks

The farmer's almanac is calling for a long, cold winter. Now that's music to a fisherman's ears. While you're busy outfitting your traps and arranging your pack baskets, take a peek at our aluminum ice shacks. Built from top-quality materials and components, our ice shacks are designed to battle the elements so that you don't have to.

4x6 Ice Shack

As the most compact model in our Ice Shack product line, the 4x6 offers fishermen a portable fortress that combines protection from the winter elements with total mobility. Collapsible shacks are great for those windless, 30-degree days, but what about the other 98% of winter?

5x8 Ice Shack

Our 5x8 model is one quality ice shack. Narrow enough to haul into your secret spots, with ample interior room for a couple of jig holes and a space heater, the 5x8 is a do-it-all type of shanty.

6x10 Ice Shack

With enough room to take along the whole family or a gang of your closest fishing buddies, the 6x10 will ensure that you have a blast on the matter how the fish are biting. In fact, you may even head home with stories that don't involve "the one that got away".

8x12 Ice Shack

Often referred to as the "Cadillac of Ice Shacks", our 8x12 model delivers unrivaled product quality and versatility. Combining the large interior volume with our ability to customize, you can design yourself the ultimate ice fishing retreat. We offer everything from 110V electrical packages and heating, to bunk-beds and satellite TV. Heck, why not go all-out and toss in the kitchen sink? Literally.

E4x6 Ice Shack

E6x10 Ice Shack

ALCOM LLC, reserves the right to change specifications and construction methods without obligation of notice. In addition, photography and or illustrations may display optional items available at additional cost to the trailer base price. Please contact an authorized SnoPro/CargoPro Trailers dealer for additional information.




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