Stealth Ultimate Contractor Package 1
Stealth Ultimate Contractor Package 2Stealth Ultimate Contractor Package interiorStealth Ultimate Contractor Package interior 2Stealth Ultimate Contractor Package rack

Product Description


• All-Aluminum Construction, Integrated Frame Design
• Front Style: V-Front, 36″
• 2″ x 5″ Integrated Frame
• 16″ O/C Floor & Roof Studs (All Box-Tube)
• 16″ O/C Wall Studs
• Screwless .030 Bonded Sides
• One Piece Aluminum Roof
• Axles: 2-3K Braked Leaf Spring Axle w/ 4″ Drop
• 24″ Stoneguard
• 2 5/16″ Coupler w/Safety Chains
• 2000lb Center Jack w/Foot
• 3/8″ Water Resistant Interior Walls
• 3/4″ Water Resistant Decking
• Interior Cove Trim
• 3″ Exterior Trim
• (2) Dome Light w/Switch
• Exterior LED Lighting
• Plastic Salem Vents
• Double Barn Doors w/Stowable Removable Ramp Kit
• Aluminum Hardware for Barn Doors
• 14′ Catwalk System w/(4) HD Ladder Racks & Front Ladder
• Rear Roller for Last Ladder Rack
• 32″ x 72″ Side Door w/Paddle Handle & Piano Hinge w/Butterfly Locking Bar
• 4-Year Limited Warranty


ALCOM LLC, reserves the right to change specifications and construction methods without obligation of notice. In addition, photography and or illustrations may display optional items available at additional cost to the trailer base price. Please contact an authorized SnoPro/CargoPro Trailers dealer for additional information.




Box Length


Box Width


Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Interior Length


Interior Width


Interior Height


Deck Height


Door Opening (WxH)

91″ x 75″


(2) 3500# Braked




15” Silver Mod



Curb Weight


Payload Capacity


Hitch Height to Top of Ball


Options for:

Stealth 8×14 UCP


HEIGHT3Add 3" to Box Height (PBF)
HEIGHT6Add 6" to Box Height (PBF)
HEIGHT9Add 9" to Box Height (PBF)
HEIGHT12Add 12" to Box Height (PBF)
HEIGHT15Add 15" to Box Height (PBF)
HEIGHT18Add 18" to Box Height (Requires .090 Wall Stud Upgrade and HD Rear Ramp) (Excludes Lites)
090WALLSTUDUpgrade to .090" Wall Studs (6.5-Tall Trailer Only; PBF)
HEIGHTDED6Subtract 6" From Box Height (All Models)
LENGTH2UCPAdd 2' to Box Length (2' Increments, Ultimate Contractor, 8.5w Cargo)
FLOOR12OCUpgrade to 12" O/C Floor Studs (From 16" O/C; PBF)
FLOOR16OCUpgrade to 16" O/C Floor Studs (From 24" O/C; PBF)
FRAMEUP2X8Upgrade Trailer Sub Frame to 2"x8" (From 2"x6"; PBF) (Cargo Models going to 12K GVWR Axles +)
ROOFUP16OCUpgrade Roof Studs to 16" O/C (From 24" O/C) (PBF)
WALKONROOFWalk On Roof (Reinforced; PBF)
COUPLER2ATO2516AUpgrade to 2 5/16" A-Frame Coupler (From 2" A-Frame Coupler)
FLATFRONTFlat Front Construction (Delete V-Nose)
CASTCORNERUPUpgrade to Cast Corner Construction w/ Anodized Radius Wrap
VNOSE36UPFFUpgrade to 36" V-Nose (From Flat Front w/ Cast Corners) Car Haulers
VNOSESLOPEAdd Slope in V-Nose
TONGUE12EXT12" Extended Tongue (For 3k Tandem Axle Enclosed with 2"x5" Frame) Includes Center Beam Upgrade
TONGUETRIPLETUBEUpgrade to Triple Tube Tongue (Enclosed Cargo)
RAMPXWIDE95Upgrade to X-Wide 95" Rear Opening Car Haulers (Rear Ramp Only)
WINCHMOUNTHDHeavy Duty Winch Mount (Winch Not Included)


DOOR3272UPUpgrade to 32" x 72" Paddle Handle & Piano Hinge Side Access Door (From 66")
DOOR78UPUpgrade to 78"-Tall Side Access Door (From 72" (SAD) (Excludes Radius RV Door)
DOOR36UPUpgrade to 36"-Wide Side Access Door (From 32" SAD)
DOOR48UPUpgrade Side Access Door to 48" Width (From 32")
DOOR3272RADIUSUPUpgrade to Dexter 32"x72" Radius Door..**Trailer must have 32"x72" Piano Hinged Door already**
DOOR3272RADIUSSCRUPUpgrade to 32" x 72" Radius RV Door w/Screen (Window Optional) (From stand. 32"x72" Side Access Door)
DOOR3272RADIUSSCR32" x 72" Radius RV Door w/Screen (Window Optional)
DOORHANDLEALAluminum Grab Handle For Side Access Door
DOORPULLHANDLEPull Handle for Side Access Door
DOORLOCKINGSADLocking Bar for Side Access Door (All Sizes)
DOORKEYLOCKSADUpgrade to Keyed Locking Hasps for Side Access Door with Locking Bar
STEPALUMFOLDFold-Down Aluminum Step
STEPALUMPULLAluminum Pull Out Step
STEPPULLOUTRVRV-Style Pull Out Step (Steel; 7x20)
DOOR4848CON4' x 4' Concession Door
DOOR4860CON4' x 6' Concession Door
DOOR4896CON4' x 8' Concession Door
DOOR9672ELITE182018 Elite Escape Door (6'X8' Fold-Up Door w/Removable Fender (9' W w/Spread Axle))
DOOR1414FUEL14" x 14" Fuel Door w/Paddle Handle
DOOR2424FUEL24" x 24" Fuel Door w/Paddle Handle
DOOR3030GEN30" x 30" Generator Door w/ Salem Vent & Paddle Handle
DOOR303024GEN30" x 30" x 24" Generator Compartment
DOOR3636GEN36" x 36" Generator Door w/ Salem Vent & Paddle Handle
DOOR363624GEN36" x 36" x 24" Generator Compartment
DOORGENINSUpgrade to Insulated Generator Compartment (Requires Generator Compartment)
DOORGENSLIDESlide Out Generator Tray
STARTEREZStarter Flap for Stealth Rear Ramps
STARTERALUMAdd Aluminum Starter Flap to Rear Ramp
DPTRANSFLAPDiamond Plate Transition Flap (Ramp to Box)
DOORKEYEDLHRRUpgrade to Keyed Locking Hasps for Ramp Door (Set)
SSRAMPBARNDRHDRStainless Steel Ramp/Barn Door Hardware
RAMPCARHAULUPUpgrade to Car Hauler Grade Rear Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist (From Standard Ramp)
RAMPSTOWABLEKITRear Stowable Ramp Kit (2) 26" X 6' Ramps (Extrusion to Hook Ramps,Ramps to Stow Interior of Barn Doors,(4) Extra Strap Hinges)
RAMPUCPUPUpgrade to Rear Ramp Door w/Spring Assist from Ultimate Contractor Package Barn Door w/Stow Ramps
DOORKEYLOCKBDUpgrade to Keyed Locking Hasps Barn Doors


TRIM36SGUPUpgrade to 36" Stoneguard (From 24"; V-Nose)
TRIM48SGUPUpgrade to 48" Stoneguard (From 24"; V-Nose)
PKGPOWDERCCHExterior Powder Coat Package (Cargo/Car Haulers/No Front Ramp Models) (PBF)
PKGPOWDERILExterior Powder Coat Package (Inlines) (PBF)
TRIMTT6Two-Tone Color Package w/ 6" Anodized Divider
TRIMTTSPTwo-Tone Color Package - No Anodized Divider
TRIM12ANODAnodized Aluminum Side & Rear Trim Panel (12"; PBF)
TRIM24ANODAnodized Aluminum Side & Rear Trim Panel (24"; PBF)
DOTTAPEAdd Red & White DOT Tape to Trailer (PLF)..** must have on any trailer over 10,000lb GVWR **


WALL38WRTOWLUpgrade to White Vinyl Backed Luan Walls w/ Divider (From 3/8" WR; PBF)
WALL38WRTO38PLYUpgrade to 3/8" Plywood Walls (From 3/8" Water Resistant; PBF)
WALL38WHITEVINPLYUpgrade to White Vinyl Backed 3/8" Plywood (From 3/8" Water Resistant; PBF)
WALL030BONDEDUpgrade to .030" Bonded Aluminum Side Walls, Interior (PBF)
WALL38WRSNOWUpgrade to 3/8" Water Resistant Walls (Snow Trailers; PBF)
WALL6EXTKP6" Extruded Aluminum Kickplate (PBF)
WALL12WRKP12" Water Resistant Kickplate (MEC, MCH, EZEC; PBF)
CEILWHITEVINYLWhite Vinyl Backed Luan (Ceiling Only; PBF)
CEIL030BONDED.030" Bonded Aluminum Ceiling, Interior (PBF)
WALL34INS3/4" Foam Insulation (Side Walls; PBF)
CEIL34INS3/4" Foam Insulation (Ceiling Only; PBF)
FLOOR34WRTO34PTUpgrade to 3/4" Pressure Treated Plywood (From 3/4" Water Resistant Decking) (PBF)
FLOOR58WRTO34WRUpgrade to 3/4" Water Resistant Decking (From 5/8" Water Resistant Decking) (PBF)
FLOOR34QUADPLYUpgrade to 3/4" Quad Ply Decking (Non-Skid Surface, FRP Backer; PBF)
FLOORBLACKMARBLEUpgrade to Black Marble Vinyl Flooring (PLF)
FLOORCARPETUpgrade to Charcoal Carpet Flooring (PLF)
FLOORCHECKERUpgrade to Checkerboard Vinyl Flooring (Black & White; PLF)
FLOOREPOXYPainted Epoxy Floor Covering (PBF)
FLOOREXTRUDEDUpgrade to Extruded Aluminum Floor (Charge for Ramp and V-Nose; PLF)
FLOORTPOCOINUpgrade to TPO Coin Flooring (Black, PLF)
FLOOR045DP.045" Aluminum Diamond Plate Floor Overlay (PLF)
FLOORADD34WRAdditional Layer of 3/4" Water Resistant Flooring (PBF)


WHEELUP15STO15AUpgrade to 15" Aluminum (Radial; From 15" Silver Mod Radial Wheels)
WHEELUP15STO15BAUpgrade to 15" BLACK Aluminum (Radial; From 15" Silver Mod Radial Wheels)
WHEELUP15STO15GUpgrade to 15" Galvanized (Radial; From 15" Silver Mod Radial Wheels)
WHEELUP15S205TO15S225Upgrade to 15" 225 Silver Mod Wheels (Radial; From 15" 205 Silver Mod Radial)
WHEELUP15S225TO15A225Upgrade to 15" 225 Aluminum Wheels (Radial; From 15" 225 Silver Mod Radial)
WHEELUP15S225TO15BA225Upgrade to 15" 225 BLACK Aluminum Wheels (Radial; From 15" 225 Silver Mod Radial)
WHEELUP15S225TO16SMUpgrade to 16" Silver Mod Wheels (Radial; From 15" 225 Silver Mod Radial)
WHEELUP15A225TO16AUpgrade to 16" Aluminum Wheels (Radial; From 15" 225 Aluminum)
WHEELUP15A225TO16BAUpgrade to 16" BLACK Aluminum Wheels (Radial; From 15" 225 Aluminum)
WHEELUP16STO16AUpgrade to 16" Aluminum Wheels (Radial; From 16" Silver Mod Wheels)
WHEELUP16STO16BAUpgrade to 16" Black Aluminum Wheels (Radial; From 16" Silver Mod Wheels)
WHEELSP15A205Spare 15" Aluminum Wheel w/ 205/75R15 Tire
WHEELSP15A225Spare 15" Aluminum Wheel w/ 225/75R15 Tire (6-Lug)
WHEELSP15A2255Spare 15" Aluminum Wheel w/ 225/75R15 Tire (5-Lug)
WHEELSP15BA205Spare 15" Black Aluminum Wheel w/ 205/75R15 Tire
WHEELSP15BA225Spare 15" Black Aluminum Wheel w/ 225/75R15 Tire (6-Lug)
WHEELSP15SILV205Spare 15" Silver Mod Wheel w/ 205/75R15 Tire
WHEELSP15GALV205Spare 15" Galvanized Wheel w/ 205/75R15 Tire
WHEELSP15SILV225Spare 15" Silver Mod Wheel w/ 225/75R15 Tire (6-Lug)
WHEELSP15SILV2255Spare 15" Silver Mod Wheel w/ 225/75R15 Tire (5-Lug)
WHEELWELLDeluxe Recessed Spare Tire Well (Diamond Plate w/ Hatch Cover)
WHEELMOUNTBOLTBolt-On Spare Tire Carrier (Tongue-Mounted)
WHEELMOUNTELEVInterior Elevated Spare Tire Mount (Diamond Plate; Interior Wall)
WHEELMOUNTEXTSpare Tire Mount (Diamond Plate; Exterior Wall)
WHEELMOUNTFLOORFloor Level Spare Tire Mount (Interior)


AXLELS6BRTOTOR6BRUpgrade to 2-3k Torsion Braked Axles (From 2-3k Leaf Spring Braked)
AXLELS10BRTOTOR10BRUpgrade to 2-5k Torsion Braked Axles (From 2-5k Leaf Spring Braked)
AXLETOR10BRTOTOR12BRUpgrade to 2-6k Torsion Braked Axles (From 2-5k Torsion Braked; Includes 16" Tire Upgrade)
AXLETOR10BRTOTOR14BRUpgrade to 2-7k Torsion Braked Axles (From 2-5k Braked; Includes 16" Tire Upgrade)
AXLEGALVTORSIONUpgrade to Galvanized Axle (Torsion) (minimum 4 week lead time)
AXLELS6BRTOLS10BRFRUpgrade to 2-5k Leaf Spring Braked Axles & FRAME (From 2-3k Leaf Spring Braked Axles)
AXLELS6BRTOLS10BRFRCHUpgrade to 2-5k Leaf Spring Braked Axles & Subframe (From 2-3k Leaf Spring Braked Axles) (CH&UCP)
AXLELS6BRTOLS5BRUpgrade to 1-5k Braked Leaf Spring Axle (From 2-3k Leaf Spring Braked)
AXLESLIPPERUP3KUpgrade to Slipper Suspension (Only Available on Tandem Axle 3k Braked Leaf Spring)
AXLESLIPPERUP5KUpgrade to Slipper Suspension (Only Available on Tandem Axle 5k Braked Leaf Spring)
AXLESTRAIGHTUpgrade to Straight Axle(s) (Leaf Spring Only)
AXLEGALVLEAFUpgrade to Galvanized Axle (Leaf Spring) (minimum 4 week lead time)


DRINGSURFACELight Duty Surface-Mounted D-Ring (Installed)
DRING5000DP5000# Recessed Heavy Duty D-Ring w/ Backing Plate (Installed)
DRING6000SSStainless Steel 6000# Recessed Swivel D-Ring w/ Backing Plate (Installed)
DRING6000SSUPUpgrade to Stainless Steel 6000# Recessed Swivel D-Rings (From 5000# Recessed Heavy Duty D-Ring)
AIRLINERECFLAluminum Airline Track Recessed in Floor, PLF
AIRLINERECWALLAluminum Airline Track Recessed in Wall, PLF
ETRACKFLOORRECAAluminum E-Track Recessed in Floor, PLF
ETRACKFLOORRECSSteel E-Track Recessed in Floor, PLF
ETRACKWALLRECAAluminum E-Track Recessed in Walls (w/ Backing Plate; PLF)
ETRACKWALLRECSSteel E-Track Recessed in Walls (w/ Backing Plate; PLF)
ETRACKWALLSURAAluminum E-Track Surface-Mounted on Walls (PLF)
ETRACKWALLSURSSteel E-Track Surface-Mounted on Walls (PLF)
CHOCKRECRecessed Flip-Up Motorcycle Wheel Chock
CHOCKSINHDPKGRecessed Flip-Up Motorcycle Wheel Chock w/ (4) Recessed Heavy Duty D-Rings
CHOCKSINLDPKGRecessed Flip-Up Motorcycle Wheel Chock w/ (4) Surface-Mounted D-Rings
CHOCKSLIDETRACKSingle Stainless Steel Tube Style Wheel Chock for Single Piece of Slide Track (Installed)
CHOCKSSTUBEStainless Steel Tube Style Wheel Chock
CHOCKTANHDPKGTandem Flip-Up Motorcycle Wheel Chocks w/ (8) Heavy Duty D-Rings
CHOCKTANLDPKGTandem Fip-Up Motorcycle Wheel Chocks w/ (8) Surface-Mounted D-Rings
SLIDETRACKRecessed Slide Track (Track Only; D-Rings Sold Seperately)
SLIDETRACKPKGCARGO18** CARGO PACKAGE ** Recessed Slide Track System: (PBF)...(2) Full Length Tracks, (4) Sliding D-Rings
DRINGSLIDINGLight Duty Sliding D-Ring (For Recessed Slide Track; Installed)
DRINGSLIDINGPOWUpgrade to Powder Coated Sliding D-Ring (From Existing Sliding D-Ring)


12VWALLSW12 Volt Wall Switch (Installed)
12VWALLSW3WAY3-Way 12V Wall Switch (Installed)
12VLEDDOMEUPUpgrade to LED Ecomony Dome Light 460 Lumen (From Incandescent Dome Light)
12VLEDDOMEADDAdditional LED Economy Dome Light (460 Lumen)
12VLEDDOME1818" 12V LED Light (Installed)
12VLEDPUCKPKG8Recessed LED "Puck" Light Package (8) Round LED Flush Mount Dome Lights (1) 12V Wall Switch.
12VLEDPUCKAdditional Recessed LED "Puck" Light
12VLEDSTRIPLED Interior Strip Lighting w/ Housing (Per Foot, Per Section)
12VLEDLOAD950LED Exterior Load Light Package..One 12v wall switch with one 950 Lumens LED Load Light
12VLEDLOAD9502Double LED Exterior Load Light Package..(1) 12v wall switch with (2) 950 Lumens LED Load Light
12VLEDSCARELED Scare Light (Porch Light) w/12v Wall Switch
12VLEDK60PRK60 LED Exterior Scene Light Package..One 12v wall switch with (2) K60 Scene Lights
12V7WAYILO4WAYUpgrade to 7-Way Plug w/ Junction Box (From 4-way Plug)
12VARCTICUpgrade to Arctic Flex 7-Way Plug
12VPERMAUpgrade to Permaseal Wire Connectors
12VUPLEDBUUpgrade Premium Light Package (LED Strip Lights w/ Integrated Backup Lights, Marker Lights w/Clear Lens.)
12VUPLEDBUPREMUpgrade to Premium Light Package (LED Strip Lights w/No Backup Lights, Marker Lights w/ Clear Lenses)
12VLEDADDSTOPAdditional LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights (Pair; Installed)
12VLEDBACKUPAdd LED Backup Lights (Pair; Installed)
12VUPLEDSTRIPCHROMEUpgrade to LED Strip Lights w/ Chrome Trim and Integrated Backup Lights (From Standard Tail Lights)
12VLEDCHROMEADDAdditional LED Strip Lights w/ Chrome Trim and Integrated Backup Lights
12VLEDMARKERUpgrade to Additional LED Marker Lights Bullets
12VLEDMIDSHIPMid-Ship Turn Signals (For Tandem Fenders Only; Pair)
12VBACKUPANGAngled Back Up Lights (Pair; Installed)
12VBATTERYDeep Cycle Marine Battery & Box (Installed) LOCATION: UP FRONT ON FLOOR
12VTRICKLECHARGETrickle Charger for Battery (installed)
12VPOWPOINTAdd Standard 12V Power Jack (Cigarette Lighter Plug) (Installed)
12VPEDJACKUpgrade to 12V Electric Pedestal Jack w/ Battery & Box installed


110VPACK1110V Power Package #1..(1) 15 Amp Motorbase Plug..(1) Wall Switch..(1) Wall Receptacle..(1) 4' LED Wraparound Light
110VPACK2110V Power Package #2..(1) 30 Amp Breaker Box w/ 25' Shore Line..(2) 3-Way Wall Switches..(1) Standard Wall Receptacle..(1) GFI Wall Receptacle..(2) 4' LED Wraparound Lights
110VPACK4110V Power Package #4..(1) 15 Amp Motorbase Plug..(2) Wall Receptacle
110VPACK5110V Package #5 - [(1) 60A Breaker Panel w/ Converter and Motobase Plug, (2) 3-Way Wall Switches, (1) GFI Wall Receptacle, (1) Standard Wall Receptacle, (1) USB Receptacle, (2) LED Wraparound Lights, Deep Cycle Battery & Box]
110VMBP15A15A Motor Base Plug
110VMBPMotor Base Plug (Replaces Shoreline; 110V Package Required)
110V30ACORD30A Power Cord 25' Long (For Motorbase Plug)
110V50ACORD50A Power Cord 25' Long (For Motorbase Plug)
110V50AUPUpgrade to 50 Amp Breaker Box (Requires 110V Pkg #2)
110V60ACONV60A Power Converter (110 Package Required)
110VADD4LEDWRAPAdditional 4' LED Wraparound Light (Requires 110V Pkg #5)
110VGFIEXTExterior GFI Receptacle (Requires 30A Package)
110VGFIINTGFI Wall Receptacle (Requires 30A Package)
110VWALLRECEPTAdd Wall Receptacle (Requires 30A Package)
Add USB Wall Receptacle (Requires 30A Package)
110VWALLSWITCHAdd 110V Wall Switch (Requires 30A Package)
110VWALLSWITCH3WUPUpgrade to 3-Way Switches (Requires 30A Package)
12VLEDUP48LEDUpgrade to (3) 18" 12V LED Light (From (2) 4' LED Wrap Around)
110VACBRACESTUBBrace and Stub Wire for Future AC Installation (Requires 110V Pkg #2)(12Gauge Wire and 20A Breaker)


CABBSV992DV-Nose Base Cabinet, 2 Door 99" Models..COLOR: BLACK (83"w x 30"d x 37"h)
CABBSV994DV-Nose Base Cabinet, 4 Door 99" Models..COLOR: BLACK (83"w x 30"d x 37"h)
CABOHV992DV-Nose Overhead Cabinet, 2 Door 99" Models..COLOR: BLACK (56"w x 19"d x 19"h)
CABOHV992D72V-Nose Overhead Cabinet, 2 Door for 99" Wide Models..COLOR: BLACK
CABBS484' Straight Wall Base Cabinet, 2 Door..COLOR: BLACK (48"w x 24"d x 37"h)
CABBS605' Straight Wall Base Cabinet, 2 Door..COLOR: BLACK
CABBS726' Straight Wall Base Cabinet, 2 Door..COLOR: BLACK (72"w x 24"d x 37"h)
CABBS968' Straight Wall Base Cabinet, 2 Door..COLOR: BLACK (96"w x 24"d x 37"h)
CABBS96FF8' Straight Wall Base Cabinet, 4-Door..COLOR: BLACK
CABBS28LUpgrade Base Cabinet to 28" L-Shape Extension
CABWR2424" Wardrobe Cabinet w/ Shelf and Clothes Rod. 2'x2'x72"..COLOR: BLACK
CABWR3636" Wide Wardrobe.(Single Full Length Door, 1 Shelf, Clothes Rod)..COLOR: BLACK (36"w x 24"d x 76"h)
CABOH964DDeluxe Overhead Cabinet w/ Four Doors..96"L x 18"H x 13"D..COLOR: BLACK
CABOH96Overhead Cabinet w/ Two Flip Up Doors 96"Lx18"Hx12"D..COLOR: BLACK
CABOH48Overhead Cabinet w/ One Flip Up Door 48"Lx18"Hx13"D
CABOH482DOverhead Cabinet w/ Two Doors 48"Lx18"Hx13"D..COLOR: BLACK
CABOH62Overhead Cabinet w/ Single Door 62"Lx18"Hx12"D..COLOR: BLACK
CABOH724DDeluxe Overhead Cabinet w/ Four Doors..72"L x 18"H x 13"D..COLOR: BLACK
CABWW726' Wheel Well Cabinet, 2 Doors 3 Shelves..COLOR: BLACK


LADDEREXTERIORExterior Ladder to Roof (Mounted on V-Nose w/ 6" Gap Between Ladder and Side Wall)
LADDERRACKDELDeluxe Ladder Rack (Enclosed Cargo; Installed) ** CANNOT DO WITH RADIUS ROOF **


VENTROOFUPUpgrade to 14" x 14" Manual Roof Vent (From Plastic Salem Vents) DELETES PLASTIC SALEM VENTS
VENTROOFAdd 14" x 14" Manual Roof Vent (Installed)
VENTMAXXMaxx-Air Roof Vent Cover (Installed)
VENT12V12V Power Roof Vent (Installed)
VENTFFFantastic Fan/Vent (Dometic 22-0462) (Requires 30A Package)
VENTSALEM2Two-Way Directional Salem Vent Kit (Aluminum; Pair)
WINDOW18X2418" x 24" Radius Sliding Window w/ Screen
WINDOW24X3624" x 36" Radius Sliding Window w/ Screen
WINDOW24X36E24" x 36" Egress Sliding Window (Tinted w/ Screen).


STABJACKStabilizer Jacks ( Installed; Pair)
BOGEYWHEELSBogey/Caster Wheels (Installed; Pair)
SCISSORJACKScissor Jacks (Camper Style; Installed; Pair)
JACK8000PEDUpgrade to 8000# Pedestal Jack (From 1500# Wheel Jack)
JACKWHEELUpgrade to Wheel on 2000# Center Jack


CAB38COATHANGERPremium Ceiling-Mounted Coat Hanger (38", 22 Hooks)
CAB47COATHANGERPremium Wall-Mounted Coat Hanger (47.5", 10 Hooks)
HOLDERPREMFUEL2Premium (2) Race Fuel Holder
HOLDERPREMFUEL3Premium (3) Race Fuel Holder
BENCH48PADVFold-Down Padded Bench (48"L) Vertical Design
BENCH50FUPPremium 50" Fold-Up Padded Bench
BENCH50FUSTORPremium 50" Fold-Up Work Bench w/ Integrated Tool Storage
BENCHFOLDFold Down Bench (12" x 48")..Type: Work or Sitting



AWNING1212' CareFree Acrylic Fabric and Alumauguard Awning
AWNING1414' CareFree Acrylic Fabric and Alumauguard Awning


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